Apply to NIK

Thank you for choosing to apply to Namsan International Kindergarten. Please follow these simple steps to complete the application process.

Step 1

Complete the online application form here.

Step 2

Please have the following scanned documents ready to upload:

  • Recent digital passport size photo of your child
  • Birth Certificate Copy
  • Korean Family Registry (for ethnically Korean students )
  • Copy of photo information page of your child’s and parent’s passports
  • Copy of your child’s and parent’s current alien registration card, if applicable

Step 3

Upload all required supporting documents and submit together with the application form on the appropriate form page when prompted.

Step 4

Payment of application fee of USD $300.00 on the final form page. When transferring this payment from an overseas bank account or Paypal there will be an additional USD $20.00 for transfer/administration fees.

Once your application is completed, you will receive an email from Namsan International Kindergarten’s Admission Office.

NIK Application Form